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Case Study: Typical Scenario Where Your GHDs Need Repairing

This is a case study where Sue needs to book a ghd repair.

Its Monday morning and Sue is getting ready for work. She pulls out her trusty ghds only to find they will not turn on. The first thing she does is try another plug socket, then wiggle the wire round. No red light! She starts to panic and ends up tying her up and goes downstairs to her computer.

Logging on to one of the major search engines she realizes that there many companies that offer ghd repairs. Some of them are listed as paid adverts and others are in the natural listings. She looks at some of the websites and decides to go with

She finds the website easy to navigate and all terms and conditions clearly stated and she knows exactly how much the repair is going to cost. She clicks book repair and fills in her details in the simple registration form. She receives a confirmation email and a text message confirming her booking. After packaging her ghds she pops to the post office and sends them in.

The next morning she receives an email confirming the receipt of her ghds, and that puts her mind at ease knowing they have arrived at the repair center. A couple of hours later she receives another email and text. This time stating that her ghds have been repaired and that all she has to do is logon and pay for her repair.

She logs on to `my-repair` and inputs her registered details. All the details of her repair are displayed, she clicks the pay button and is taken to PayPal, a secure payment processing company. Once again she receives a confirmation of payment email and likes that shes kept informed every step of the way. Later that day she is notified that her ghd straighteners have been shipped back.

The next day she receives her ghds back fully repaired. Sue is extremely happy and satisfied that her repair was carried out promptly and professionally. Her ghds have also been cleaned and PAT tested and have a full warranty.

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