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Counterfeit GHDs

If you are lucky enough to produce a number one selling product worldwide then unfortunately sooner or later they are going to be counterfeited. These fake ghds are low quality replicas which in a latest report showed they are also dangerous.

Methods For Checking Your GHDs

If you have already purchased your ghds and want to confirm there authenticity then you can goto the official ghd website and register your ghds. If they are genuine then all should go well, if not then also give them a call. If you find they are indeed fake and you bought them from a website then we recommend reporting the website to ghd and they will close it down. The sad thing is that everytime thay shut one down another replaces it, its a never ending battle.

Tips When Buying GHDs

The main thing is to buy from a trusted source and remember if the deal is far cheaper than anywhere else this could be a signal that they are fake ghds.

99% Accurate method to spot a fake.
All genuine ghds have a flat type mains cable, nearly all fakes have a round mains cable.

By using this method you can easily spot a fake just from seeing them or a photo. One more thing about fakes is they use well known serial numbers, so if you simply do a google search from the serial on the ghds then they should be no results. Howevere because fakes use a selection of the same numbers you will usually get hundreds of results for fake ghd serials.

Hope this information has been useful to you.

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